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2003 SBSE Award & Scholarship Recipients

Best Papers | Retreat Scholarship | Travel Scholarships | Agents of Change

2003 ASES Best Paper Awards 

SBSE is delighted to announce its annual awards for best student papers at the ASES National Solar Energy Conference, Solar 2003 in Austin, Texas. This year's turn out was excellent, as 25 papers and posters written by 30 students were considered. Nominations and selections were made by SBSE members who attended the annual meeting and reviewed the papers. Winners were selected in four categories best presentation, best student-authored paper, best co-authored paper (with an SBSE member faculty) and best poster. Each winning student will receive a book award, courtesy of John Wiley & Sons.

Note: ASES papers below were originally printed in SOLAR 2003, Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the American Solar Energy Society. Copyright 2003, American Solar Energy Society. Reprinted with permission. Please do not duplicate nor distribute these papers without permission.

Category 1 Best Presentation:

Vikram Sami, Arizona State University
“Applying Computational Fluid Dynamics to Analyze Natural Ventilation and Human Comfort in Buildings” (870kb PDF)
Janelle Black, Yasuyuki Yanagisawa, University of Oregon
“The Solar Corridor: Thermal Comfort in the Gerlinger Sunspace, University of Oregon” (815kb PDF)
Category 2 Best Student-Authored Paper
John Seryak, Kelly Kissock, University of Dayton
“Occupancy and Behavioral Affects on Residential Energy Use” (411kb PDF)
Amarpreet Sethi, “A Study of Daylighting Techniques and their Energy Implications using a Designer Friendly Simulation Software” (437kb PDF)
Category 3: Best Co-Authored Papers
Rashed Al-Shaali, Peter Koenig, University of California Los Angeles
Marc Schiller, University of Southern California

 “Using a Helium Bubble Generator to Visualize Airflow Patterns in and around Building Models” (1208kb PDF)
Category 4: Best Poster
Kathy Bash, University of Oregon
“Daylighting, Passive Heating and Cooling in Southside Elementary: Design Exercises from Consecutive Courses in Passive Heating and Passive Cooling” (640kb PDF)

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SBSE Retreat Scholarship to Morgantown, IN (August 11-15)

SBSE congratulates the following students (and their supportive professors) who are recipients of scholarships to attend the SBSE annual retreat:

∙ Pablo La Roche, University of California, Los Angeles
∙ Rita Macias, Ball State University
∙ Amanda Mitchell, University of British Columbia
∙ Therese Peffer, University of California, Berkeley
∙ Steve Sandifer, University of California, Los Angeles
∙ Amarpreet Sethi, Arizona State University

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$200 Travel Scholarships to Solar 2003 (June 22-26 in Austin, TX)

SBSE congratulates the following students (and their supportive professors) who are recipients of travel awards to present papers at the annual American Solar Energy Society meeting:

∙ Kathy Bash, University of Oregon
∙ Ryan Brouwer, University of Michigan
∙ Aalok Deshmukh, Arizona State University
∙ Tara M. Hanby, University of Oregon
∙ Nikhil K. Kapur, Arizona State University
∙ Amarpreet Sethi, Arizona State University

SBSE gratefully acknowledges the generous donation of ASES student travel scholarship funds by Fuller and Jane Moore. They give this in appreciation of SBSE, for the support, both professionally and personally, that SBSE faculty and students have given during Fuller's career.

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Support from the Agents of Change Project:

The Agents of Change Project will send each of the following students to the SBSE retreat to disseminate their experiences with case studies and building investigations:

∙ Kathy Bash, University of Oregon
∙ Lizette Fife, University of Idaho
∙ Heidi Kasper, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
∙ Angie Matt, University of Oregon
∙ Roger Ota, University of Oregon
∙ David Crutchfield, University of Texas at Austin
∙ Troy Peters, University of Oregon
∙ Keith Simon, University of Oregon

Agents of Change will provide support for the presentation of case study papers at the Real Stories from Real Buildings invited session at ASES:

∙ Raymond Alfini, Arizona State University
∙ Sheila Jones Bosch, Georgia Institute of Technology
∙ Vamshi Gooje, Arizona State University
∙ Vorapat Inkarojrit, University of California, Berkeley
∙ Angela T. Matt, University of Oregon
∙ John Seryak, University of Dayton

©SBSE: Society of Building Science Educators, 2014
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