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2006 SBSE Award & Scholarship Recipients

SBSE Retreat Scholarship to Colorado State University Pingree Park Mountain Campus (July 15-18)

SBSE congratulates the following students who are recipients of scholarships and support to attend the SBSE annual retreat, thereby supporting and encouraging graduate students interested in pursuing a career in teaching environmental technology and design.

Dianne Ahmann, University of Oregon
Sam Augustine, University of Oregon
Tareq Baker, University of Southern California
Megan Compton, University of Idaho
Kirk Jensen, Colorado State University
Shelley Kawamura, Colorado State University
Amy Kreye, Colorado State University
Clint Wood, Colorado state University

$200 SBSE Travel Scholarships to Solar 2006

None awarded.

Jeffrey Cook Student Travel Award to PLEA Conference, Beirut, Lebanon

None Awarded


SBSE: Society of Building Science Educators, 2014
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