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2008 SBSE Award & Scholarship Recipients

SBSE Retreat Scholarship to Ashurst Lodge at WIT in the New Forest, UK
(Wednesday, July 23 - Saturday, July 26)

SBSE congratulates the following students who are recipients of scholarships and support to attend the SBSE annual retreat, thereby supporting and encouraging graduate students interested in pursuing a career in teaching environmental technology and design.

Jacob Dunn, University of Idaho
Laura Haymond, University of Southern California
Sean Michael Nelson, University of Idaho
Shih-Hsin Eve Lin, University of Southern California
Shraddha Marathe, University of Southern California

Jeffrey Cook Memorial Scholarship 

SBSE congratulates Shamin Javed, Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh as this year's recipient of the Jeffrey Cook Memorial Scholarship for faculty to travel to an SBSE retreat. 

SBSE Travel Scholarships to Solar 2008 in San Diego, CA
(May 3 - May 8)

David Douglass, University of Southern California
Laura Haymond, University of Southern California
James Cleveland, University of Southern California
Benjamin Futrell, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Rael Berkowitz, Cal Poly Pomona
Mehmedalp Tural, Arizona State University
Akram Rosheidat, Arizona State University

Siritip Harntaweewongsa, University of Michigan
Serena Coltrane-Briscoe, University of Oregon

Emily Meier, University of Oregon

Jeffrey Cook Student Travel Award to PLEA Conference in Dublin
(October 22 October 24)

Applications deadline: September 8, 2008.


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