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2013 SBSE Award & Scholarship Recipients

SBSE Retreat Scholarship: Measuring Design: Models + Metrics, Mt. Baldy, CA (21-23 June)

Melissa Anderson, University of Oregon
Ayesha Batool,
University of Oregon
Halit Beyaztas, University of Oregon 

Lauren Garvey, University of Oregon 

Sara Tepfer, University of California-Berkeley

Jeffrey Cook Memorial Scholarship: 2013 SBSE Retreat, Mt. Baldy, CA


Islam Abohela, British University in Egypt

Laura Isabel Rodriquez Martinez, University of Zulia (Venezuela)

SBSE Travel Scholarship: ASES Conference, Solar 2013, Baltimore, MD (17-19 April)

Mesude Bayracki, Pennsylvania State University, “Using Avoided Cost Metrics to Communicate Present Value in PV Systems”
Alicyn Henkhaus, University of Southern California, “Solar Access Zoning + Building Information Modeling”
Tighe Lanning, University of Southern California, Designing for the Human Factor: Economizer Efficacy and the Consideration of the User
Yue Liu, University of Southern California, “Comparison of Five Window Shade Strategies”
Heather Nelson and Sophia Duluk, University of Oregon, Comparison of Solar Evaluation Tools: From Learning to Practice
Lucas Witmer, Pennsylvania State University, multiple papers, including “Retrocommissioning a Small Commercial Building to Achieve Net-Zero Energy”

SBSE Best ASES Conference Paper Award: Solar 2013, Baltimore, MD

Best Paper Award: Tighe Lanning (at al.), University of Southern California, “Designing for the Human Factor: Economizer Efficacy and the Consideration of the User"
Honorable Mention: Sophia Duluk and Heather Nelson, University of Oregon, "Comparison of Solar Evaluation Tools: From Learning to Practice"
SBSE Travel Scholarship: BESS-SB13 Conference, Pomona, CA (24-25 June)

Nataly Rojas and Melissa Anderson, University of Oregon, “Repurposing Retort Pouches as a Radiant Barrier”

Jeffrey Cook Student Travel Award: 2013 PLEA Conference, Munich, Germany (10-12 September)

Eric Carbonnier, University of Oregon, “Alvar Aalto’s Daylight Devices: A Retrospective Daylight Analysis on Mount Angel Abbey Library”

Tania Sharmin, University of Cambridge, “Effect of Canyon Geometry on Outdoor Thermal Comfort: A Casestudy of High-density, Warm-humid Climate”
Mingwei Sun, University of Nottingham, “Applicability of the Bio-Climatic Facade in a Hot and Humid Climate Zone: A Study of Geoffrey Bawa’s Architectural Works”

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