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2013 SBSE Award & Scholarship Recipients

SBSE Retreat Scholarship: Measuring Design: Models + Metrics, Mt. Baldy, CA (21-23 June)

Melissa Anderson, University of Oregon
Ayesha Batool,
University of Oregon
Halit Beyaztas,
University of Oregon 

Lauren Garvey, University of Oregon 

Sara Tepfer, University of California-Berkeley

Jeffrey Cook Memorial Scholarship: 2013 SBSE Retreat, Mt. Baldy, CA


Islam Abohela, British University in Egypt

Laura Isabel Rodriquez Martinez, University of Zulia (Venezuela)

SBSE Travel Scholarship: ASES Conference, Solar 2013, Baltimore, MD (17-19 April)

Mesude Bayracki, Pennsylvania State University, “Using Avoided Cost Metrics to Communicate Present Value in PV Systems”
Alicyn Henkhaus, University of Southern California, “Solar Access Zoning + Building Information Modeling”
Tighe Lanning
, University of Southern California, Designing for the Human Factor: Economizer Efficacy and the Consideration of the User
Yue Liu
, University of Southern California, “Comparison of Five Window Shade Strategies”
Heather Nelson and Sophia Duluk
, University of Oregon, Comparison of Solar Evaluation Tools: From Learning to Practice
Lucas Witmer
, Pennsylvania State University, multiple papers, including “Retrocommissioning a Small Commercial Building to Achieve Net-Zero Energy”

SBSE Best ASES Conference Paper Award: Solar 2013, Baltimore, MD

Best Paper Award: Tighe Lanning (at al.), University of Southern California, “Designing for the Human Factor: Economizer Efficacy and the Consideration of the User"
Honorable Mention: Sophia Duluk and Heather Nelson
, University of Oregon, "Comparison of Solar Evaluation Tools: From Learning to Practice"
SBSE Travel Scholarship: BESS-SB13 Conference, Pomona, CA (24-25 June)

Nataly Rojas and Melissa Anderson, University of Oregon, “Repurposing Retort Pouches as a Radiant Barrier”

Jeffrey Cook Student Travel Award: 2013 PLEA Conference, Munich, Germany (10-12 September)

Eric Carbonnier, University of Oregon, “Alvar Aalto’s Daylight Devices: A Retrospective Daylight Analysis on Mount Angel Abbey Library”

Tania Sharmin, University of Cambridge, “Effect of Canyon Geometry on Outdoor Thermal Comfort: A Casestudy of High-density, Warm-humid Climate”
Mingwei Sun, University of Nottingham, “Applicability of the Bio-Climatic Facade in a Hot and Humid Climate Zone: A Study of Geoffrey Bawa’s Architectural Works”

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