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2015 SBSE Award & Scholarship Recipients

SBSE Retreat Scholarships: 
Regions and Localities, The Mountain, Highlands, NC (16-19 June)

Omar Al-Hassawi, Arizona State University
Sabin Chakradhar, Southern Illinois University
Jing Hong, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Brittany Moffett, University of Southern California
Layla Qarout, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Nasim Shareghiboroujeni, University of Wisconsin
Ashley D Tuffo, University of Oregon

Jeffrey Cook Memorial Scholarship: 2015 SBSE Retreat, Highlands, NC

Karno Chhay, Royal University of Fine Arts, Cambodia
Rupesh Shrestha, Acme Engineering College, Nepal
SBSE Travel Scholarship: 
ASES Conference, Solar 2015, State College, PA (6-10 July)

Sebanti Banerjee, University of Southern California
“Daylight Prediction: An Evaluation of Daylighting Simulation Software for Four Cases”

Kenneth Black and Thomas Doorn, Virginia Tech
Student-Driven Design in Architecture: Interacting with Passive Solar Techniques and Reclaimed Materials”

Majd Hijazi, Catholic University
Re-Thinking Daylighting Spot Measurements”

Nicole Peterson, University of Washington
Dynamic Façades: Exploring Responsive Building Skins in a Comprehensive Design Studio”
Jeffrey Cook Student Travel Award:
2015 PLEA Conference, Bologna, Italy (9-11 September)

Meshack Efeoma, University of Edinburgh, UK
“Office Clothing and Its Effect on Thermal Comfort Amongst Office Workers in Hot‐Humid Conditions: A Case Study of Office Workers in Nigeria”

Fahmid Ahmed, University of Adelaide, Australia
“Urban Regeneration through Reconstructed Wetlands as an Urban Design Tool for Resilience: Case of Hatirjheel-Begunbari Canal Integrated Development Project in Dhaka Bangladesh”

Lorna Kiamba, University of Nottingham, UK
“The Application of Vernacular Swahili Architecture Strategies to Contemporary Office Buildings in Kenya

Layla Qarout, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, US
“Building Structure Systems Embodied Energy & Carbon Emissions Impacts: A Case Study of the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center”

Eric Schmidt, Lindsay Rasmussen, and Ashley Tuffo, University of Oregon, US
“The Stellar Apartments: Dynamic Stories from Passive Buildings”

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