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SBSE Solar 2017 Travel Scholarships

Application Deadline: 1 August 2017; 8:00pm PDT
Selection/Notification of Scholarship Recipients: anticipated by 20 August 2017
Submit Applications to:

For detailed information on the conference, see:


SBSE will provide up to six scholarships valued at $650 to support student engagement in Solar 2017, The objective of these scholarships is to provide support to students who are presenting papers at (or otherwise actively participating in) Solar 2017, the annual conference of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), this coming October in Denver, CO.


SBSE gratefully acknowledges a continued generous donation from John Reynolds who has consistently supported such scholarships. Funds from sales of the Sun Angle Calculator (conceived and implemented by Alison Kwok) also support these scholarships.

While it is unlikely that $650 will fully support attendance at this conference, experience shows that these scholarships can make a substantial difference for many participants. Applicants are encouraged to seek additional travel and per diem support from their home institutions (department, college, and/or university). Recipients of these travel scholarships are expected to attend the SBSE Annual Meeting (to be held during the solar conference) to receive recognition and their scholarship checks.  

To be eligible for an SBSE Solar 2017 travel scholarship, an applicant must be able to claim an active role in the conference (see criteria below), be enrolled as a full-time student at the time application is made, and be a member of SBSE. Faculty or practicing professionals are not eligible.

The following criteria will guide the selection process:

1. Applicants presenting formal papers will be given preference over those with other conference roles, which may include a poster presentation, participation in a forum panel or presentation, and/or assistance with a conference workshop.

2. Applicants with multiple conference roles (as indicated in the information submitted in the application document) will be given preference over single-role participants.

3. Where there are multiple student authors for a single paper or presentation, preference will be given to the primary presenter (as indicated in the information submitted in the application document) or the scholarship application may be submitted on behalf of multiple students (who will be treated as a single application for selection purposes).

4. The selection process will favor geographic and institutional diversity of recipients.

Selection of scholarship recipients will be based upon a holistic evaluation of the applications received, with due consideration of the criteria noted above.     

How to Apply

There is no pre-established application form for this scholarship. Applications will consist of an e-mail message with an attached 1 or 2 page (maximum) Word or pdf (prefered) document that clearly addresses the information described below. Items 4 and 5 are critical to the selection committee.

1. Applicant contact information: name of the applicant, home mailing address, home phone, cell phone (if applicable), e-mail address (e-mail will be the principal means of communication).

2. Application status: indicate whether the application is for an individual or a team; if for a team, provide the names of all team members. If a scholarship is awarded to a team, it is the responsibility of the principal applicant to equitably distribute funds received to other members of the team. SBSE will provide a single check to the principal applicant (as defined in Item 1).

3. Educational status: current and prior educational institutions and degrees for applicant(s); current student status (as of date of application); expected date of graduation.

4. Role at Solar 2017: provide information regarding your anticipated participation at the conference. In particular, identify the specific session(s) at Solar 2017 where you will be presenting or participating and the title of your presentation(s) or nature of your participation. Help the selection committee by providing a very clear description of your conference role(s).

5. Impact statement: a personal statement regarding the potential impact of SBSE support and what you expect to gain from conference participation.

See critical dates and deadlines above. Late applications will not be considered.

Submit applications to:

Use the subject:  SBSE Solar 2017 Travel Scholarship

Scholarship Coordinator (inquiries only): Walter Grondzik,


SBSE: Society of Building Science Educators, 2014
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