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SBSE Awards and Scholarships

SBSE is pleased to have been able to offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities during the 2014 calendar year. The deadline for the last of these 2014 scholarships has passed. There are currently NO ACTIVE postings on this page.

The SBSE Board of Directors recently approved a scholarship budget for the 2015 calendar year. This budget will be implemented through travel support opportunities that will be posted here when full information about the various venues becomes available. Expect to see calls for the following: SBSE Student Retreat Travel Scholarships; Cook Trust Developing Country Faculty Retreat Travel Scholarships; SBSE Solar 2015 Travel Scholarships; 2015 PLEA Student Travel Scholarships. Check here for updates.

As always, the purpose of the SBSE scholarships is to support and inspire the next generation of building science educators.

SBSE: Society of Building Science Educators, 2014
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