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2017 SBSE Student Travel Scholarships to PLEA  

Application deadlines:
    Initial application:
24 March 2017; 8:00 pm PT
    Supplemental application materials: 8 April 2017
Notification of award recipients:
     Initial decision: around 1 April 201
     Final decision: around 24 April 2017
Submit application to:

For detailed information on the PLEA conference, see:

Three $1000 travel scholarships may be awarded to support students presenting papers at the 2017 PLEA Conference to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland in early July. The scholarship application/evaluation process is conducted by SBSE and it is the intention of SBSE to award these scholarships to applicants from North America.  

Eligible applicants must be a student at the time of abstract submission to PLEA, must have a paper accepted for publication at the PLEA conference, and must present the paper at the conference. Because conference participation is a condition of the scholarship, scholarship monies will not be available prior to the conference. All arrangements related to conference attendance (including registration, lodging, and travel) will be handled by the applicant.

Evaluation of applications will consider the information presented in a letter to the scholarship committee (described below); this information embodies the scholarship selection criteria. An applicant must be an SBSE student member. This is not a need-based scholarship.

An applicant for this scholarship will submit a two-page (8.5 x 11 or A4) letter that, in sequence listed below, provides:  



applicant’s name and full contact information (e-mail, phone, permanent mailing address);


name of applicant’s educational institution and degree program, with an unambiguous statement of status within said program as of the date of abstract submission (and, if the status has changed, as of the date of application for this scholarship);


names of any previous educational institutions and degrees;


title of paper accepted for presentation at PLEA;


a statement that clearly describes the applicant’s role in the development of this paper and role in the underlying research/analysis/synthesis;


a description of the applicant's intended role in presentation of the paper at PLEA (sole presenter, co-presenter, etc.);


a statement that describes the educational and professional benefits expected to accrue from attendance at the PLEA conference;


a notation regarding SBSE membership status

i. a description of applicant’s current employment status (employed by ____, seeking employment, student at ______, etc.)


Attach to the 24 March application (these are mandatory):


(1) a copy of the proposal (abstract) acceptance notification from PLEA

(2) a copy of the abstract that was submitted to PLEA

NOTE: Selection of scholarship recipients will be a two-stage process. The first stage will be based upon review of the application materials, including the abstract submitted to PLEA. The second stage will include consideration of the full draft paper submitted to PLEA. A short list of potential recipients will be established during the first stage. The list will be further shortened during the second stage. Full draft papers must be submitted by 8 April 2017.

The above materials should be submitted electronically. The pdf file format is highly preferred; Word is acceptable if a pdf file cannot be generated. One file is HIGHLY PREFERRED over multiple files.  

See critical dates and deadlines above. SBSE reserves the right to award all or none of these proposed scholarships based upon the quality of applications. Late applications will not be considered.

Submit applications to:


Scholarship Coordinator (inquiries only): Walter Grondzik,
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