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Carbon-Neutral Design Resources
The Carbon Neutral Design Project is a joint research effort between members of the Society of Building Science Educators (, the American Institute of Architects (, and a private donor, the 
purpose of which is to provide practitioners, faculty and students with the means to meet the 2030 Challenge (, that is, to be able to design and construct buildings to a state of carbon neutrality by the year 2030. The work included in this web resource is the result of a committed effort from educators and practitioners and is an attempt to define a working methodology for Carbon Neutral Design that will be of general benefit to the profession. IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, A BEGINNING. There are pieces of the site that are incomplete at present. These will be filled in over the next few months. The Carbon Neutral Deign Metrics are evolving. A CND Spreadsheet Tool is forthcoming. Please check back periodically for more content.

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A Regeneration-Based Checklist for Design and Construction

Detail of the Wells Regeneration ChecklistThe SBSE version of the Malcolm Wells Environmental Checklist is available in multiple languages.

- Explanation in English (PDF)

Checklist in different languages:
- Chinese PDF or XLS (translated by Tim Xu)
- English PDF or XLS
- French PDF (translated by A. Potvin)
- Italian PDF or XLS (translated by A.M. Orru)
- Japanese JPG or XLS (translated by C. Chun)
- Korean JPG or XLS (translated by C. Chun)
- Persian PDF or XLS (translated by Peymen Pir Ata)
- Polish JPG or XLS (translated by Anna Maria Orru)
- Portuguese XLS (translated by Mandy Matineau)
- Russian PDF (translated by Y. Chenchik)
- Spanish PDF or XLS (translated by H. Bryan)

If you would like to volunteer to translate the checklist into another language, download the original Excel version. Please send the translated version to Bruce Haglund for posting. Please have at least one other person check your translation to ensure accuracy.

Draft of Updated Version for Carbon Considerations

SBSEers at the Québec City Retreat worked toward developing a new carbon-sensitive version PDF or XLS of the checklist. Please examine the draft and send comments to Bruce Haglund.

Checklist in different languages:
- French PDF or XLS (translated by A. Potvin)
- Spanish PDF or XLS (translated by A. Naranjo)

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Image Gallery

The SBSE Image Gallery has been discontinued due to the ease with which graphic resources are now freely exchanged online.  Thank you to everyone who contributed images, and to Jeff Culp and Bob Koester at BSU for managing this service over the years!

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Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator Assembly of Sun Angle Calculators

Pilkington Glass has kindly granted permission to SBSE to reproduce and distribute the Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator. This is a fantastic graphical design and analysis tool beloved by thousands of architects and engineers. Information on ordering copies of the Sun Angle Calculator and accessing the online manual "Designing with the Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator" will be found on the Sun Angle Calculator page.

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