Retreat Topics

We’ll focus on innovative and emerging techniques of teaching and learning as seen through our collective efforts and experiences. The potential scope of sessions is quite broad, but will focus on pedagogical techniques, assessment  technology,  and trends that SBSE members engage in the realm of teaching and learning within our unique discipline and knowledge areas. Beyond anecdotal discussions of a unique class offering or two, the idea here is to share perspectives on the changing approaches, principles, and context of architectural education as generalizable and applicable methods. Each session must be formed around relevant take-aways.  A non-exclusive list of interests would include at least some of the following grouped by topic:


  • Defining learning objectives at the course and program level.
  • Designing grading rubrics and grading forms.
  • Testing and measurement for reliability and validity.
  • Other assessment tools.


  • Strategies used to enhance student engagement.
  • Evolutions in studio culture and the learning environment.
  • Examples of pedagogy based on specific projects or course designs.
  • Moving from a teacher-centered instruction to student-centered learning.
  • Identification of active learning strategies in lecture and studio courses.
  • Integrated curriculum models  vertical studios  and such.
  • What’s new in problem- and project-based learning.
  • Simulation tools for teaching.
  • Tried and true things to remember.

Technology and Teaching:

  • Teaching resources (online/hybrid classrooms, videos, seminal articles…)
  • Teaching technologies (e.g. classroom response clickers)
  • Time management and workload issues
  • Web-Based Learning Platforms (e.g., Blackboard )

-Leonard Bachman

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