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Measuring Design: Models + Metrics

June 21-23, 2013

Mt. Baldy Zen Center | Mt. Baldy, California

The idiom– measure twice, cut once—signifies the importance of measurement and verifications as both a primer and product of making. The architectural profession is finally coming to terms with the use of metrics to verify design and performance. We are currently witnessing a resurgence of critical interest in the idea of Measuring Design within the profession of architecture. Quantifying architecture design advances the discipline by introducing new ideas, testing questions, defining methodology, developing technology, and promoting critical discourse. Yet exactly how one can measure design and the performance of the built environment is not always clear. For many, it is a question of  the product while for some it is a question of the process that moves the field of architecture from normative inquiry to evidence-based design.

The theme of the Society of Building Science Educators 2013 retreat is measuring, in all its possible connotations. The goal of this year’s retreat is to interrogate the idea of measuring design and the design of measurements in teaching, research, and practice of architecture from a variety of perspectives.