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  photo: Peter Starkweather

The Springs Preserve, Las Vegas, Nevada
Friday, May 14 to Sunday, May 16


1 Mona Azarbajani University of Illinois U-C
2 Leonard Bachman University of Houston
3 Mark Barnhouse North Dakota State University
4 David Bartley University of Oregon
5 Hollee Becker Kent State University
6 Keith Bickford* University of Idaho
7 Terri Meyer Boake University of Waterloo
8 Daphna Drori* Technion
9 Ihab Elzeyadi University of Oregon
10 Michael Garrison University of Texas
11 Alfredo Fernandez-Gonzalez University of Nevada Las Vegas
12 Jennifer Gill* University of Utah
13 Vanessa Gomes da Silva** University of Campinas
14 Bruce Haglund University of Idaho
15 Afzal Hossain* University of Nevada Las Vegas
16 Kuppaswamy Iyengar University of New Mexico
17 Anupam Jain Bruno Happold
18 Shamim Javed* Virginia Tech
19 Alison Kwok University of Oregon
20 Steve Mattern University of Texas
21 Michael McGlynn Kansas State University
22 Erin Moore University of Oregon
23 Deborah Oakley University of Nevada Las Vegas
24 Ulrike Passe Iowa State University
25 Theodore Shriro* University of Oregon
26 Ryan Smith University of Utah
27 Lauren Strang* Iowa State University
28 Cindy Urness North Dakota State University
29 Noureddine Zemmouri** University of Biskra
*   SBSE Student Scholarship Awardee
**  Jeff Cook Memorial Scholar


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