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  photo: Peter Starkweather


Teaching Omiyage, an SBSE retreat tradition. Since many of us will be traveling internationally with limited luggage space, please bring a teaching or research “take-away” in digital form for each participant. Past favors have included a portable sundial from Cris Benton, daylighting slides from Barbara Erwine, Energy Scheming baseball caps from G. Z. Brown's ESBL, Wiley books, Ecotone books, digital images from Sun, Wind & Light, poems, handouts, bibliographies, etc. Bring cool stuff to share!  We will do self-introductions with these items. The Omiyage exchange will happen during the Introductions at our Friday evening dinner.

Program presentation: a digital projector and a laptop will be available. Presenters must bring their work on thumb drives, CDs, or DVDs and supply other materials as needed. 

The majority of the sessions will take place at the Springs Preserve, with some activities scheduled during our group dinners at the Sahara Hotel.


What to Read:
Below are the links to two recent articles that discuss the fate of Las Vegas and many other cities that depend on water from the Colorado River system. We encourage you to send your proposals to attend the SBSE retreat and join us for a discussion of what may become the most pressing issue in coming decades: water supply.


What to wear: For people coming to their first SBSE Retreat, please be advised that dress is casual!

However, if you plan to enjoy (or you accidentally stumble into!) some of the exciting and sophisticated nightlife and entertainment opportunities available in Las Vegas , a dress code may be enforced.

The weather in Las Vegas during the middle of May should be quite pleasant. Below is a climate chart:


and some further city and clothing info:


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