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McCall Outdoor Science School at the UI McCall Field Campus, ID 
Friday, June 15—Sunday, June 17, 2012
Integrated Design Lab, Boise, ID
Friday, June 15 and Monday, June 18, 2012


Program Coordinators
Christine Bachman, University of Houston, Downtown, BachmanC@uhd.edu 
Walter Grondzik, Ball State University, gzik@polaris.net
Bruce Haglund, University of Idaho, bhaglund@uidaho.edu
Robert Koester, Ball State University, rkoester@bsu.edu
Alison Kwok, University of Oregon, akwok@uoregon.edu


Teaching Omiyage, an SBSE retreat tradition. Since many of us will be traveling internationally with limited luggage space, please bring a teaching or research “take-away” in digital form for each participant. We'll post all digital omiyage to a file sharing site so everyone may easily download it. Past favors have included a portable sundial from Cris Benton, daylighting slides from Barbara Erwine, Energy Scheming baseball caps from G. Z. Brown's ESBL, Wiley books, Ecotone books, digital images from Sun, Wind & Light, poems, handouts, bibliographies, etc. Bring cool stuff to share! We will do self-introductions as we present these items.

Appropriate clothing. MOSS is located on the shores of Payette Lake at an elevation of 5,000 feet. Guests should be prepared for mountain weather and mosquitos. Summer temperatures are usually mild during the day and often drop to the low forties at night so bring clothes for comfort in a range of (micro)climates,  wear layers, and bring a brolly (umbrella) or rain/wind gear.

Bedding: MOSS will provide a bottom sheet, some pillows, blanket, and and a towel but Bruce will bring sleeping bags for all (think duvets) and he and other local participants from Idaho and Utah will bring supplemental pillows. 

Wayfinding: Even though most pathways are lighted, for your comfort and safety, it is important to walk with a reliable flashlight at night. MOSS is a simple, rustic facility; guests should be prepared to provide for their level of comfort.

Other necessities: bug repellent, flashlight, sturdy & comfortable hiking boots. MOSS is an easy walk away from downtown McCall and is surrounded by 1,500+ acres of Ponderosa State Park. Look forward to a lot of walking.

Program presentation: free wi-fi, a digital projector, and a laptop will be available. Presenters must bring their work on thumb drives, CDs, or DVDs and supply other materials as needed. 

Rules, Regulations, Conveniences, and Inconveniences:

What are the alcohol and smoking policies?

In accordance with the University of Idaho policy, alcohol consumption is only permitted in a residential space and by those of a legal age. It's a short walk to town where libations are allowed. McCall City quiet hours are 11 pm—7 am on weekends. Smoking is permitted behind the Dining Lodge by the dumpsters; otherwise, no smoking in any MOSS building or anywhere on campus. Dispose of cigarettes appropriately.

Who cleans my room and our group meeting space?

We continue to have success with our “hands to work” policy—living and meeting spaces will be cared for primarily by those who use them. Please clean up after yourselves so that those who follow may enjoy the space as well. Specifically, please swap out your sheets, wipe down surfaces, and sweep out the space before leaving. Do not move equipment, beds, or other items unless you have permission from a staff member. Also, please take time to pick up any trash seen on the grounds. Please confine your personal stuff to accommodations or rented meeting spaces only. All other spaces—the Deck, the bathroom, the dock, the Dining Lodge, etc.—are for everyone to use and enjoy. Conserve energy and water on campus. Turn down the heaters and turn off the lights when leaving cabins. Make sure faucets and showers are turned off.

What level of personal service can I expect?

MOSS is a rustic, limited-service rental facility, much like a state park campground. MOSS will do their very best to accommodate guest needs given their resources, but cannot guarantee the level of service one might expect at a large hotel or conference facility. Guests can expect clean accommodations and delicious food service; self check-in and overall self-reliance should be expected by residing guests.

Can I have a campfire? Do I have to bring my own wood?

MOSS has three fire pits on campus—yurtville, cabinville, and between the lake and the Classroom. MOSS does not provide wood. SBSE will provide firewood. Campfires are permitted in the designated areas only. Make sure to have water available to pour on the fire. You need to be able to run your hand through the coals before leaving the fire area.

Can I bring my dog, cat, ferret, or parrot?

No guest pets allowed. The Donnelly Vet Clinic (208.325.4510) will board your pets in the McCall area.

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